In the promo for this week’s Saturday Night Live, Taylor Swift promises to sing a song, if Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang leave her enough time after performing their unreleased material. You see, Swift is appearing on the show just one day after the eagerly anticipated release of her Red (Taylor’s Version), a re-recording of the original 16 tracks with an additional 14 songs with new features from Chris Stapleton, Ed Sheeran and Phoebe Bridgers in the “From the Vault” section, as well as a long-awaited 10-minute version of the fan favorite “All Too Well.”

Which is all well and good, if there’s even time to sing anything from it on SNL. After guest host Jonathan Majors (Loki) introduces himself and nods to musical guest swift, Bryant announces, “and I’ll also be singing one song from a yet-to-be-released album,” which appears to be a surprise to Majors.

Castmate Yang doubles down on Bryant’s surprise musical news, adding, “I will also be doing a song from an album I haven’t even written yet,” leaving a worried Majors wondering if either comedian had cleared that with the show’s producers. “I’ll also be doing music… if there’s time,” Swift notes.

In the second promo, the quartet get a bit silly, taking turns saying one word each of Majors’ intro, ending with Taylor and Jonathan jumping into each other for a hearty chest bump. “Seven takes baby!” Bryant brags. And while it will be Majors’ first time hosting SNL, it will be Swift’s fifth go-round on the show.

Check out the promo below.