Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Tay Zonday on Chocolate Rain Being About Racism and Most People Not Noticing

Adam and Tay talk about the odd way the two connected at the Andrew Yang rally, they also touch on the underlines of political aspect of Chocolate Rain and how Tay was reluctant to endorse it as a pro black song.

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  1. bro i was 10 years old singing that chocolate rain song and had no idea.
    im 22 now and still didnt know until i read the title of this video

  2. UN FUCKIN SUBBED. Adam you’re an idiot. Violence at trump rallies? The violence is almost always from the left. You’ve become a typical fuckin brainwashed libtard. Congrats, you think you’re woke up but you’re just an idiot

  3. How the fuck does this dude look exactly the same from when he made that video ??also wtf i never even knew that song was about racisim .. chocolate rain??sounds like goddamn diarrhea .. and also wtf is up w them dick riding andrew wang ?..

  4. I would smash the shit outta this like button if during the interview adam put up a text in the corner that said ” i move away from the mic to breathe in ” when tayzondae gets done talking lol .


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