Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Sick Boy Dies After Father Allegedly Blew Treatment Money On Drugs And Hookers

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  1. Smoking crack with hoes and hitting them raw over the health and a safety of your child means this so called dad is suffering from a degenerated brain disease!

  2. I used to have friends who got their lights and water cut off all the time, car repossessed so they had to walk miles to school daily, or starve sometimes, all because their dad was blowing the money on dumb shit a lot of the time instead of taking care of his family. Like some men just don’t deserve to be fathers. Immature, irresponsible, and just trifling..

  3. This my frenz is the epitome of simpin. Dont be fooled…taking care of ur lady and making sure she good and ain’t struggling is NOT simpin. Married or not. Simping is spending the money u don’t have on whores u don’t need. A million niggas done had that pussy. Why should I pay top dollar for it again? I forgot. Smh
    The top dollar pussy is often in your house niggas. Stop simpin

  4. I see a lot of times where some fathers go get medicine for their sick kids, nearly 2 weeks late… and the meds will be free. And they won’t even know their kids birthdays… all the damn time. Like they just didn’t give a damn about their sick kids. But he had time to go buy that beer tho. Or to go hang out with friends tho. Smh… I see that way too much and it’s sickening.


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