Friday, January 27, 2023
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‘Shark Tanks’ Daymond John Accused Of Influxing COVID 19 Mask Prices To Hospitals

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  1. If Daymond was trying to sell N95 masks at a higher rate than usual, the headline should’ve included the word, “INFLATE” as opposed to “INFLUX.” Two different words, two different meanings.

  2. Just because someone leads the NBA in steals, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a bad defender, it just might mean they gamble a lot on defense, which Steph does and that gambling often leaves him and the team in awful situations defensively. Same as a corner leading the NFL in INT’s. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are good, it just might mean they gamble a lot and it’s great when you make a splashy play, but when it doesn’t, it might mean 6 for the other team.

  3. Ooooooohwee Maverick Carter know he out of pocket. I think him & Lebron been working together long enough to know he doesn’t have to speak outlandishly like that.


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