Rick Ross has announced the winners of his car show. Each of them was rewarded with custom-made chains inspired by automobiles. The chains, designed to resemble Rolls-Royce cars, were showcased on Instagram earlier this week. In a post on Tuesday, Rick Ross celebrated the winners of the car show. He mentioned that he had spent approximately $300,000 on jewelry prizes for the event. One of the standout chains, known as “The Biggest” Rolls-Royce chain, was awarded to Instagram user @713AB, who was recognized as the “Hustler of the Year.” Ross congratulated @713AB and hailed them as Houston’s finest.

During the announcement, Rick Ross compared the car show to the Olympics and showcased the prize chains. He stated again that they were worth over $300,000 in total. He explained that the bottom row of chains represented the heavyweights, recognizing the best car and best bike. However, the top row honored the “Hustler of the Year” and “Best Hot Rod.” The car show organized by Rick Ross was attended by various influential figures in the industry. These included Diddy, Tyler The Creator, 2 Chainz, and Gunplay. The event was well-received by the local car enthusiasts, even if there was some drama about the mess after the fact.

Rick Ross Doesn’t Mind If You Parachute In, Just Don’t Climb The Gate

Yesterday, it was revealed that one superfan had parachuted into Rick Ross’ yard to see the show. In a surprising turn of events, Ross expressed admiration for the daring fan. He also voiced his hope that the individual wouldn’t face legal consequences. However, he jokingly mentioned his disappointment in not being informed beforehand about the timing of the jump. Ross humorously stated, “The only thing I didn’t like about it is he didn’t tell me what time to expect him jumping out of the goddamn plane and landing in my backyard.” He recounted rushing to the scene where the fan was being apprehended. However, he appeared pleased and requested not to press charges.

While Ross appreciated the fan’s audacious act, he did issue a warning that if someone were to jump the gate, he would handle the situation differently. However, if they were to parachute, he simply requested prior notice. Alongside the incident involving the parachuting fan, there were complaints about the aftermath of the show. Reports indicated that a nearby plaza was allegedly left in disarray by attendees who were unable to access the car show but decided to party there instead. Ross’s attorney denied any connection between the rapper and the littering, but local residents are urging him to take responsibility. What do you think of the winners of the car show? Let us know below!

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