This ongoing R. Kelly trial has caused one of the disgraced singer’s former artists to come forward to defend herself. For years, Sparkle has made claims about Kelly allegedly abusing her niece, but during his current trial, the niece made allegations that Sparkle encouraged interactions. It was reported that the “Jane Doe” witness, who was reportedly underage when she met Kelly but is now an adult, revealed to the court Sparkle told her to ask Kelly to be her godfather.

Reports stated that the niece alleged Sparkle suggested: “That I should rub his head and ask him to take that role in my life.” Kelly allegedly agreed to be her godfather, something that the woman claimed her parents approved of. 

When a social media user asked Sparkle if she was the aunt that was mentioned during the testimony, she denied any wrongdoing.

“Absolutely NOT!! I can’t help he lies told on me & under oath at the.. & cause ya Momma mad at me cause y’all were FORCED to testify.. [shrug emoji].” Later, Sparkle shared a video where she said she wanted to “put a few things in context,” calling the confusion a “family feud.”

Sparkle has long pushed for R. Kelly to be incarcerated for what he allegedly did to her niece, so to hear that testimony came as a shock to those who have been keeping up with the scandal. Sparkle believes that there is still an “allegiance to Robert.” Check it out below.