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Orbital preview forthcoming collaboration with Sleaford Mods

English techno duo Orbital have teased a collaborative single with Sleaford Mods on social media, with the track set to drop today (October 13).

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The duo shared a clip to their official Twitter page, with an instrumental loop from the song playing set to footage of Sleaford Mods’ Andrew Fearn doing his trademark hand-in-pocket dance in time with it. A still photo of vocalist Jason Williamson appears opposite Fearn.

Watch the clip below:

@orbitalband + @sleafordmods
incoming….Wednesday – 13th October – 2021

— Orbital (@orbitalband) October 12, 2021

The song marks the first time the two duos have worked together. Orbital have not released a new single since 2018’s ‘The End Is Nigh’, which stemmed from their ninth studio album ‘Monsters Exist’ from the same year. They have, however, worked on several remixes – including one for DMA’S‘Life Is a Game of Changing’ last year.

Sleaford Mods, meanwhile, released their eleventh studio album ‘Spare Ribs’ in January. It featured collaborations with Billy Nomates and Amyl & The Sniffers frontwoman Amy Taylor.

In a five-star reviewNME praised ‘Spare Ribs’ as Sleaford Mods’ “best album yet”.

“Williamson and Fearn unflinchingly show you life – particularly the shittier corners of it, while flashing a swift middle finger at those who create them,” it read.

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