Monday, February 6, 2023
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Nascar’s Kyle Larson Caught Saying N-Word Over Radio System

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  1. His apology wasn’t sincere. He knows his coin has been affected. That’s the reason he sounds miserable. Bye b!tch 👋🏽

  2. I don’t see why he getting suspended bkuz he sounded like he was baited into saying it and plus it also sounded like his friends said I dare you to say the word .. black ppl can’t say shit they say the most racist words themselves towards white asians Hispanic etc …… but that not to say that all races don’t do the same I hear every race say ignorant shit all the time and yet we all are astounded when they say it…. it’s like the old saying goes” it’s like the pot calling the kettle black “…. everyone needs to humble themselves the ones who are getting offended the most are the ones who actually say racist shit in front their friends and family as well .. I’m not saying not offended bkuz I am but I’m also not gng to say that I’ve never said cracker to a white person either everyone in this country has bigotry in their blood no one is perfect…

  3. He wasn’t even racist about it.Literally everyone says nigga.All he said was “you can’t hear me nigga? like tf that’s not even that serious

  4. “I’m sorry for my bank account, my bank account and especially my bank account. I hope this doesn’t affect my bank account during this crazy times.” (sounds more accurate)


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