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Michael Jackson Accusers Criticize Dave Chappelle’s Joke About Not Believing Them

Wade Robson upset about Dave Chappelle Netflix special (00:10)
Wendy Williams starting to plan Miami girls trip (02:35)
Too Short signs cannabis deal (04:09)
Pusha T new album on the way with Lauryn Hill and Kash Doll (04:47)

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Michael Jackson Accusers Criticize Dave Chappelle’s Joke About Not Believing Them

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    – The documentary was edited before it reached Channel 4 to remove several clips that had been shown to have timeline inaccuracies highlighted in the few days the doc had been available.

    – The documentary fails to mention that both men had their revelations at the same time, had the same lawyer and jointly sued the Jackson estate for $1.5billion. Their lawsuit was thrown out of court multiple times and Wade made his initial claim under seal, so it would not be as easily outed in the press.

    – James Safechuck claims to have been abused repeatedly at the Neverland Train Station. The building was not completed until 1994, 2 years after James’ last contact with Michael. The scene was removed for the Channel 4 version.

    – James Safechuck only acknowledged his alleged abuse in 2013, according to court documents, yet in the documentary his mother says she was happy when MJ died in 2009 because “he couldn’t hurt any more children”, 4 years before her son had told her that he had been abused.

    – Safechuck also says he had visited Disneyland Paris with MJ in the late 80s and by 1990 had lost touch with Jackson. Disneyland didn’t open until 1992.

    – Wade Robson claims that he lied in court in the 2005 case to protect Michael after seeing him depressed at a dinner with family and friends. This clip from the doc was removed by the time it reached Channel 4 a few days after airing on HBO. The dinner took place AFTER the trial and MJ family members who were at the dinner have discredited Wades account of events.

    – Wade Robson’s family reached out to Michael multiple times in the early 90s after they had met with him one time, 2 years earlier. MJ never reached out to them. The Robson family moved from Australia to seek out Michael. They were not invited nor did MJ ever seek them out.

    – The audio tape made when Safechuck and Michael were in Hawaii is framed to be sinister in the documentary. On the tape, Safechuck asks what MJs favourite part of the holiday was. He replies “being with you” in a sequence that pushes the storyline of MJ trying to separate the boy from his family — on the unedited audio clip MJ actually says “with you and loved spending time with the whole family” according to a court transcript from Safechuck’s claim against the estate in 2013.

    – Both men say they received the Thriller jacket (Robson) and Indiana Jones’ bull whip (Safechuck). The bull whip was donated to the London Archaeology museum in 1990 and was never gifted to anyone. The Thriller jacket was sold at auction for $1.8million in 2011. Wade also sold his entire MJ memorabilia collection in 2012. The jacket burned at the end of the documentary could not have been authentic.

    – Both men say they felt ‘left out’ and ‘rejected’ when Michael started to hang out with Macauley Culkin, Brett Barnes and other children, implying that he stopped abusing them for a period because he had found new victims. All children mentioned have protested Michaels innocence for years.

    – Safechuck claims abuse intensified after Michaels appearance at the Grammys in New York in 1989. The Grammys that year took place in Los Angeles and Michael was not a performer there that year.

    – Robson essentially claims he witnessed Jordy Chandler being abused at Neverland and felt jealous. Putting aside the mountains of evidence discrediting those 1993 allegations, Jordy Chandler claimed to have been abused in Monaco and not at Neverland. Those two testimonies clearly don’t align.

    – Safechuck was never approached to appear in court in 2005 in Michael’s defence. He claims he was asked by MJs personal assistant while the trial was ongoing. This is impossible and not allowed by law.

    – Safechuck claims he was ‘married’ in a mock ceremony to Michael. He claims they wrote vows. He didn’t keep the vows, nor were any such documents ever found at Neverland or elsewhere. The only evidence for this that Safechuck produces is a collection of rings that Michael allegedly purchased for him. Again, proving nothing. This claim is plagiarised from a book by Victor Gutierrez which was discredited in the 90s as fiction and the author was sued by Michael in a case that he won.

    – The documentary does not once mention Wade’s attempts and failures to choreograph the This Is It tour and Cirque de Soleil show, his failed book deals, his court case that was dismissed twice, his relationship with Michael’s niece, Wade’s request to get VIP tickets to the funeral or his bankruptcy. 

    – The Director of the documentary told Oprah, “What journalistic interest is there in interviewing someone who would say Michael was a great guy and would never hurt a child?” The documentary is one sided, provides no evidence to the contrary (or in favour of the allegations) and is 100% anecdote based, many of which are proved to be inaccurate.

    – According to Wade, he lied under oath in court. Conveniently for Wade, he cannot be prosecuted for perjury as the statute of limitations had just expired when he came forth with his allegations.

    – The documentary fails to detail any events whatsoever in regard to the 1993 case or 2005 case, especially their outcomes and derogatory information regarding the accusing families. Nor does the documentary feature any defence of Michael, at all.

    – Wades wife says she had no knowledge of the sexual abuse, says she was never abused herself and didn’t know how to help Wade once she found out. Apart from being edited in the Channel 4 version, Wades funding page stated that she was a victim of child abuse herself. This has since been edited.

    – Wade Robson and his family reached out to the estate after Michaels death offering their help in taking care of children, seeing as they were friends of the family.

    – Attention is given to the ‘hush money’ that Michael awarded the 1993 accuser. This was a settlement of a civil suit and was not legally binding. The family could have still taken Michael to court and two grand juries discounted the case based on lack of evidence. None of this is mentioned in Leaving Neverland.

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