Monday, February 6, 2023
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Michael Bloomberg Doubles Down On Stop-And-Frisk Comments, Putting His Campaign At Risk

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  1. I’m sure the black delegation are not supporting this dude and the poll is either inaccurate or literally just based off the vote of the 5 available blacks they could grab at the time

  2. The problem is that the media is so convinced that the nominee has to be a moderate democrat that they’re shoving all of the moderates down our throats! All of the moderate democrats running are textbook politicians that will say anything for the nomination. A moderate will get in office and not make any real change. I don’t believe a word Biden says, I don’t trust Klobuchar, I don’t care for Pete in the least, and Bloomberg believes in over policing minorities which is racist. The only choice is Bernie, I like Liz but I don’t believe she could win anymore. If Bernie would change his stance on healthcare and instead of taking choices away, give them another option he’d be a shoo in!

  3. No he didn’t put anything at risk. Our CURRENT president is 100% in favor of stop and frisk. He said so, BEFORE he campaigned on NATIONAL television. Didn’t fucking matter.

  4. Some of these thugs need to be stopped and frisked stop being so f’ing butt hurt if the orange yeast infection stays in office stop and frisk will be the least of our concerns.

  5. The question is what should we minorities of NYC do about the high crime rate in our communities? if stop and frisk is not a good thing then what can we do to defend ourselves from those who harm our neighborhoods?


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