Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Marlon Wayans Gushes Over Kissing Jennifer Hudsons, Says Her Voice Gave Him A ‘Woody’

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  1. Why is Charlamagne always promoting segregation? Granted, Kanye is in the sunken place but even if it was another black artist CThaGod will still insist they only go to black churches 🙄

  2. Kanye brought Trump to the church. Jamal has the right to address it if it was said in his church. Sidenote: now Jamal needs to stop having babies out of wedlock while he’s a pastor.

  3. Black churches don’t do shit for the community 😂😂 Won’t pay for a funeral or house the homeless no matter how much you donate 💯🤨🤨

  4. On another post, people were talking about how toxic BC is.. but on this post they’re advertising E40 and Chamillionaire helping black startups… I’m convinced some of yall really just get on here to hate.

  5. I’m trying ti figure out why its wrong for him to rap gospel at church. Do we reeeeally think god cares about blasphemy. God is happy when you’re happy. If this makes kanye happy there’s nothing wrong with that while embracing different church cultures. His kids are half white. They should hear from both points of views. If you don’t like it don’t buy the music don’t go to service but controlling how/ where/ and when people worship is worse than anything kanye is doing right now


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