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Machine Gun Kelly Has a ‘Gothic’ Vision for His Wedding to Megan Fox

Break out the vision board. Machine Gun Kelly stopped by the The Late Late Show With James Corden Thursday (Feb. 25) to chat about his upcoming wedding to Megan Fox, his tattoo mishap with Travis Barker, and also give a sneak peak of his new music.

The talk of nuptials started after MGK — born Colson Baker — admitted to Corden that he didn’t know the difference between “fiance” and “fiancee,” which the late-night host cleared up for him before asking for wedding details. “When are you going to get married?” the comedian asked.

“Umm … when they can build me a red river, with like, gothic …” the musician tried to explain. “The location is hard! Trying to find a spot that’s matching my artist …”

“I love it! I love the idea a red river in a gothic setting!” the host interjected. “That would be amazing.”

It wouldn’t be the first time there was a tinge of a darker persuasion in MGK and the actress’ relationship. When Fox announced their engagement in a January Instagram post, she shared that after she said yes to his proposal, “We drank each other’s blood.”

While Baker has a pretty good idea of what he has in mind for his big day, he admitted that he doesn’t always stick to his original ideas. For example, the title of his upcoming record, which the Blink-182 drummer is producing.

“I change my opinions about things a lot, and I shouldn’t have included him in my initial opinion before it was released,” MGK admitted to Corden before joking he was again changing the title — which is currently Mainstream Sellout — to “I Wish I Was British” in honor of the talk-show host. MGK and Barker had previously gotten the upcoming album’s original title — Born With Horns — inked on their arms. MGK later broke the news to the Barker in a hilarious Tik Tok.

The “Bloody Valentine” singer also gave a taste of his upcoming album — scheduled for release March 25 — in a performance for Corden’s audience, where he delivered a medley that included two unreleased tracks — “Ay” and “Maybe” — before collaborator Willow joined him on stage for their pop-punk ode to goth gals, “Emo Girl.”

Speaking of Willow, Baker also told Corden that his collaboration with her came about after his daughter and her friends told him they liked the “Meet Me At Our Spot” singer. Since his buddy Barker had already worked with her on “Transparent Soul,” a collab between the two of them made sense. “Emo Girl” was originally supposed to be a “twofer,” Baker revealed, with Willow singing about an emo boy. “She was like, ‘I’m in love with an emo girl too,’” he explained. “I was like, that’s so cool. We just did the song like that.”

The emo girl Baker sings about in the song is apparently his fiancee, Megan Fox — more specifically, her iconic man-eating character in Jennifer’s Body. “People don’t know, I wrote my verse about Jennifer Check from Jennifer’s Body,” he said. “That’s just a little over-the-head thing people didn’t pick up on. It correlates with the movie.”

Watch Machine Gun Kelly’s chat and performance below:



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