There was a feel-good moment at a recent Logic show, although it came from an unfortunate interaction among fans. Music fans are all too familiar with crowds at concerts and just how irritating it can be to get just the right view of the stage. A 19-year-old Logic fan was struggling to see the rapper on stage at a recent concert, so moves were made to make sure that he was accommodated. Logic addressed the crowd and shared that the people around the fan, who was in a wheelchair, were being obnoxious and “f*ckin’ with him,” so they wanted to make things right.

“Earlier today in the show, there was a gentleman who was in the crowd and he couldn’t see,” said Logic.

Nicholas Hunt / Staff / Getty Images

“He couldn’t see and motherf*ckers were all around him, f*ckin’ with him,” the rapper added. “So, we did our best to bring him on stage and give him the best f*cking view in the house.”

Logic asked the teen where he was sitting, and after the section was pointed out, the rapper added, “F*ck y’all who was over there f*ckin’ with him.”

He continued, “So, this is what we gonna do right now. You gon’ f*cking kick it up here for the last song, and after this song plays you get every single piece of merchandise for free tonight and we gon turn the motherf*ck up.” 

Fans have shared the heartwarming moment. Check it out for yourself below.