Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Logan Paul & Mike on Lana Rhoades Situation, Adrian Broner Beef, Why His New Videos Are So Good

Fresh off their recent viral moment, Logan Paul and Mike came bright and early to the No Jumper podcast to give their side of the story on absolutely every topics they’ve been a part of: relationships, business, work ethic, girls they’ve been linked to, and more!

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  1. 0:15 – Mike looking forward to the into
    0:37 – Logan asks Adam why he is wearing a TanaCon shirt
    0:55 – The Logan Paul and Tana relationship
    1:06 – Was Jake Paul really bothered by Logan dating Tana for the Vlog
    1:25 – Jake Paul being more emotional than Logan Paul
    1:52 – Filming the Podcast at 930am in the morning
    2:10 – Logan Paul explains why he hates waking up in the morning
    2:52 – Adam22 living a married life
    3:26 – Does Adam22 have any side girls
    3:46 – Does Mike regret getting a b*****b behind his girls back
    5:26 – Mike’s girlfriend making him unfollow p***stars
    6:00 – Logan Paul not supportive of Mike coupling up
    7:02 – Logan Paul getting clowned on in cartoons and tv shows
    8:25 – Logan Paul and Josie Cansenco break up
    9:27 – Mike reads articles about the breakup
    10:42 – Logan explains how the break up took place
    12:55 – Josie Cansenco not liking “The Book of Mormon” being a deal breaker
    14:20 – Mike explains why Logan doesn’t have a girlfriend
    15:33 – Does Mike feel “Loved” by Lana Rhoades
    15:55 – Mike explains why Lana Rhoades is a selfless person
    18:40 – Is there a person that Adam22’s and Mike’s girlfriends would leave them for?
    19:06 – Logan Paul kicked off the dating app “Raya”
    20:34 – Logan Paul almost never using his DM’s and never checking his requests
    21:27 – Does it bother Mike that his girlfriend is married and has a p*** history
    24:02 – Lana Rhoades getting a huge offer to restart her p*** career
    26:30 – Mike explains why he doesn’t watch p***
    27:35 – Logan Paul not motivated by having intercourse
    29:10 – Logan Paul taking his vlogs to a new direction and taking inspiration from David Dobrik
    32:12 – Needing to change your content with the times and consistently evolve
    34:27 – Logan Paul loving stunts and physical comedy
    37:00 – Loving to come home exhausted and being a hard worker
    38:06 – Logan Paul’s work ethic only surpassed by Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson
    39:32 – Mike explains why building an “IP” is better than getting brand deals
    43:15 – Logan Paul not taking any investment money
    43:35 – Logan Paul rebuilding the “Maverick” brand
    44:40 – Logan Paul meaning when he said he was “done with vlogging”
    47:08 – Does Logan Paul feel like he’s created a monster by making Mike so big
    51:00 – Mike and Logan’s friendship being a misunderstood relationship
    51:56 – Mike and Logan Paul being close to fighting on numerous occasions
    53:46 – Mike being protective of Logan and getting angry easily
    55:16 – Logan Paul addresses the spitting video
    59:47 – Logan and Mike getting younger fans asking about Lana Rhoades
    1:00:56 – Adam22 explaining his experience meeting Logan’s Dad
    1:02:16 – Logan Paul buying Timothy Leary’s old LSD ranch
    1:03:35 – Will the Logan Paul vs Adrian Broner fight happen
    1:05:00 – Adam22’s thought’s on the Pop Smoke passing
    1:07:42 – Adam22 answers who had the stronger first single between Jay-Z an Nas
    1:08:51 – Adam22 says what his top 3 favorite rappers are
    1:09:20 – Logan Paul says Drake is his favorite rapper
    1:11:44 – Mike explains how he is writing his book
    1:14:47 – Mike’s life having such a huge change it might not seem believable
    1:17:30 – Lil Pump posting a picture wearing a bra
    1:18:54 – Mike worried about Faze Banks

  2. YouTube life is soooo disassociated with reality. Lol these guys act like their a list celebrities😩 I do like no jumper though I like Logan Paul. I do not like mike. 🤣 I’m a mike hater. Idk his cockiness I’ve seen a lot is a turn off. How ever his story about ole girl givin strippers money was dope. I change my mind about Lana.💙


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