Monday, May 29, 2023
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Kim Kardashian Concerned For Kanye West’s Mental Health Ahead Of Tour

50 Cent mad at Comcast CEO (00:10)
Blink 182 explain Lil Wayne missing tour dates (00:50)
Kanye West Sunday Service tour (02:38)
Kim Kardashian concerned about Kanye’s tour (03:39)
Kawhi Leonard files trademarks for signature sayings (04:08)

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  1. So 🤔 having a DIFFICULT time dealing with FAME 📸 is a mental issue ? Kanye needs to GROUND himself. Find himself & heal himself until then he’ll be going through SHIT. Being unwilling or unable to deal isn’t a mental ISSUE. It’s called avoidence.

  2. Just a quick lesson for @CTHAGOD how you spell “do” does not effect how the views your case for a trademark. They only care about how it is pronounced.

  3. He gone soon learn about Blue eyed stringy hair White Jesus!!! TMH Elohim real name, the trillions WP has spent to keep us dump found,on who we are!!! Which is ISRAELITES,the Chosen ones of YAh. And all the sad truth, and really be pissed. What going to mess his poor mind completely up his when he finds out he’s married to the enemy. The very one’s TMH calls HEATHENS threw out the Bible!!! The same ones that he tells us to separate from!! To come from amongst them, The same ones TMH said to not share seed with!!!! It’s an ABOMINATION!!! Now that he went on a rant with that SLAVERY bs. I hope he gets woke up to the truth, just to see is he’s going to change his wicked ways for the truth. He’s going to learn that it’s more to serving Yah then singing!!!!! Ok coonye!!!! Let’s see if YOUR GOING MAKE AMERIKKKA GREAT AGAIN with the truth or burn in the pits of hell like your preSident. 5,4,3,2,# He just don’t know the can he has open, CHOOSE WISELY!!!!!!!


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