Whether the subject is hip-hop, superheroes, or sugary breakfast treats, Kendrick Lamar always keeps it real. So we asked the Compton MC to elaborate on the real-life experiences that inspired his song “Cartoon and Cereal.” Please be clear: he’s got this down to a science. And don’t even talk to him about some old healthy, no-sugar-having, Raisin Bran type cereal. You might just get punched in the face. Nor should you even crack open the milk unless you fully comprehend the 60/40 rule. We’d better let him explain. Check this exclusive Complex video for the full scoop.

Kendrick Lamar x Cartoons and Cereal – http://www.complex.com/tv/pop-culture-videos/kendrick-lamar-breaks-down-his-favorite-cartoons-and-cereals