Biden’s been having a tough few months. Inflation woes continue to dog the nation, and baby formula shortages have frustrated many parents. The president has also had to address why the US has so many more mass shootings than other countries.

Now, the president had to deal with a physical challenge. While biking at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware, Biden took a bit of a fall. He quickly said, “I’m good,” to the reporters surrounding him.

The video of the incident shows Biden coming to a stop at the end of his ride and promptly tipping over, unable to break his fall. The video cuts as there are cries of shock and alarm. He told reporters that he “got [his] foot caught” in the toe cages.

The president was with first lady Jill Biden while they took a morning bike near their beach home in Delaware. Many people were waiting for him as he wrapped up the ride, and Biden decided to make his way over to the crowd. It was there where he fell. Luckily, he was wearing a helmet. US Secret Service Agents were quick to help the 79 year-old up from the crosswalk. It seemed like the president gathered himself speedily after the tumble, assuring onlookers that he was alright.

Joe and Jill Biden celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on Friday, and are spending the long weekend at their Rehoboth Beach home. All eyes are on the president and his Democratic party as they head into the midterms.