It’s hard to call Jean Dawson anything other than an artist. His work’s been praised for its creative and eclectic mix of everything from R&B and modern hip-hop to alternative rock, punk rock, electronic music, Britpop, experimental pop… the list goes on. Ahead of his next album CHAOS NOW* dropping on October 7th, he’s released a punky new single “SICK OF IT*” with an accompanying music video.

Dawson’s biggest single for the project, “THREE HEADS,” was a lumbering fusion of hip-hop and hard rock, and the punk-rock riffs and shouted vocals on “SICK OF IT*” keep that energy going. We’re sure to get some variety in this new project, thought, as the September single “PIRATE RADIO*” employed more acoustic and folk-inspired instrumentation and the album’s first single, “PORN ACTING*,” was a looser rock jam than the one we just got.

On “SICK OF IT*,” distorted guitar lines and cymbal-heavy drums might remind listeners of some of the resurgent pop-punk jams from artists like Machine Gun Kelly. However, the Mexican-American artist seems more inspired by classic and noisy groups from this era and works in some synths and extra bass to adorn the track with extra melodies and weight.

The catchy-as-all-hell chorus fits like a glove on the track, and Dawson comes through with a lot of passion and conviction as he sings of his misfit status. He mentions all-black Forces, keeping a hood over his head, and being a “little speck of nothing.” In the music video, we see Dawson screaming and spreading graffiti all around a city.

The upcoming album CHAOS NOW* will follow up 2020’s Pixel Bath, which featured A$AP Rocky. You can check out Jean Dawson’s newest track “SICK OF IT*” below while we wait for his next album, CHAOS NOW*, to drop on October 7th.

Quotable Lyrics
Bad in my head, I’ma hide
‘Cause I can’t beat this side
Big bust down, you’re the big blood now
I’m a freak, I’m a creep, I’m a s**thead clown