Friday, March 31, 2023
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Ja Rule Claims He’s Over 50 Cent Feud, Promptly Roasts Him On WWHL

Kanye West talks Republican Party at Sunday Service (00:10)
Ja Rule 50 Cent Beef on WWHL (01:46)
Tiffany Haddish on setting boundaries (03:52)

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  1. Didnt Ja abandon his family going to prison. U missed all that time out of their life bcuz u wanted to b tough with a gun

  2. Ja rule knew by saying he wanted to squash the 50 beef it would be a thing and a lot of folks would see it.. then proceeded to take that chance to once again try and make himself relevant and put attention on himself by then throwing jabs at 50… the hoe shit these mother fuckers will do just to try and keep a foot in the door and have attention.. smh This is typical Ja Rule n his typical hoe shit

  3. Ja Rule and 50 beef will never end because it was bigger than rap. They tried to kill each each other… allegedly.

  4. I funks with Ja and Murder Inc. Real recognize real. But, I love “Power”… so I funks with 50 too… Hopefully, these brothers can one day burry the hatchet.

  5. “Thats not gunna work” rlly bruhh ? Dont be a 50cent dickrider. Jah is the bigger man and CLEARLY 50 is more worried bout him than vice versa consodering he honorably sold out jahs concert… please evaluate who’s truly winning smh


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