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J Balvin Pens a Heartfelt Birthday Message to His Mom Amid Her COVID-19 Battle

J Balvin is celebrating his mother’s birthday at the hospital amid her complications with COVID-19.

“Dear mother, I don’t know what to call today. I don’t know if it’s good, I don’t know if it’s not so good, but here we are together!” the Colombian artist penned in a heartfelt message to his mom, which he shared on Instagram Friday (Feb. 25). “Thank you for teaching me that everything is possible, that you have to remain silent in moments of exaltation and adversity, thank you for your resilience, because even though you have had to battle a disease all your life, you always have a smile, there is always a joke. There is always something positive to say.”

Balvin’s mom, Alba Mery Balvin, has been hospitalized due to COVID-19, and was recently transferred to intensive care. (Balvin has shared his concerns and her health status with fans on social media. “If you go, I go,” he wrote in a since-deleted story.)

He continued the birthday post by mentioning all the virtues his mother has, and her best advice. The biggest life lesson? When she woke up from a coma amid her COVID battle.

“I have to say that it shocked me when you came back from that moment where you were not conscious for several days in the clinic and the only thing you asked me was to help the people around you who had no way to pay for a medicine that was difficult to obtain to attack the Covid,” he noted. “That shows your greatness and that despite the dark moments, you are always in service to others.”

Balvin, who was a 10-time nominee and won three awards at the 2022 Premio Lo Nuestro, expressed that he’s a better person and learning every day thanks to his mom.

“I love you, we are going to get ahead and, as you always tell me: ‘Let’s not be afraid of fear.’”

Read the entire post in Spanish below:



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