Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Hoodrich Pablo Juan Explains Robbery Situation With Q Da Fool, Goonew & Lil Dude

Hoodrich Pablo Juan talks about the unfortunate robbery situation with Q Da Fool, Goonew & Lil Dude.



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  1. PG Maryland nigggaz whipped your ass fool and Goonew was the only one fighting back, your ass was sleep. Qdafool even said you can’t fight!!!

  2. By the way PG COUNTY did this not DMV and Qdafool and Goonew still be in Atlanta 🤷🏽‍♂️ Shout out to Goonew he certified street nigga!

  3. Facts man them boys had no problem with Pablo at all he was just round the wrong niggas them dudes kept hating talking shit on the net to RS didn’t think they ever get caught and got caught they let blo take the L and ran facts y’all stop with the hype on goonew and lil dude them boys straight suckers pablo right how they beefing on the NET with Folks they don’t even know them on a personal level to beef 🤦‍♂️ 🤣blo said he be mad too they keep popping off on the internet beefing with ppl with a word of mouth

  4. I mess with blo and RS but blo he real for talking bout what happen he realize he was round some lame ass niggas a lil to late but least he know but these niggas beefing with ppl on the net that shit bound to catch up

  5. @alleyesonstreats DMV is a city full of Beef! How TF didn’t he know what was going on, he’s not telling the truth, And if he seen Q Da Fool he’s most likely gonna go the other way

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