Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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GWAR Discuss The Early Days of The Band

GWAR talk about who they’re familiar with in hip hop, how they’ve been told they would be “the next big thing’ for 37 years!”, how they still grind the same way + Adam recalls his first time being introduced to GWAR + laugh about Jenkem!

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  1. This is awesome. My dad is obsessed with Gwar they come all the time to Portland Oregon. I am not into their music but I always watch Adams videos, but now I kind of respect gwar they seem cool… still not gonna listen to their stupid songs but they seem cool as people

  2. Hopefully these Scumdogs of the Universe can come Destroy Australia in 2020. RIP Dave ‘Oderus Urungus’ & Corey ‘Flattus Maximus’ Smoot.

  3. You asked the new lead singer about the old days, they only had him since 2014 or 2015? After the first one died, I think they only have one original (ball sack) he has the bear trap mouth, that guy with the buzzsaws in his head is like a stagehand performance helper Roadie type guy, he just sprays people with blood he don’t even play an instrument so I don’t know what he was doing there, this is definitely a cool interview, I’ve seen this band Live about four times, best band to see live, you’ve interviewed ICP zillakami and now Gwar I think your career is 100% complete you should be able to die a happy man now, no joke, wait have you done an Action Bronson interview, that would be like icing on the cake of your career, still not sure what you see and Young Thug but hey, I haven’t even watched the Young Thug interview however I was tickled to death to see Lil Pump eat Cheerios with Codein cough medicine, oh and Cradle of Filth is kind of gay


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