Though it’s been over a year since the release of MAN MADE, Greentea Peng has been unloading new singles throughout the year. Following the release of songs like “Your Mind” and “Stuck In The Middle,” she returned this week with her soulful new single, “Look To Him.” In her latest release, Greentea Peng taps into a spiritual side and explores the sources of inspiration in her life.

“‘Look To Him’ explores the idea of originality and the notion of tapping into source energy for creativity and inspiration rather than just searching for it amongst your peers and surroundings. At the same time, it challenges the idea that anything is truly original as nothing is truly our own rather seeped into us from a Higher Power and thus channeled from God him/herself,” Greentea Peng said in a statement.

Quotable Lyrics
Imitation ain’t flattery
But inspiration, that’s a different ting
And while I own nothing, not even soul I bring
Don’t smile and then try bite me