Monday, May 29, 2023
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Glockstar Dimi – Gelly (Official Music Group)

Heating up in the upstate region of New York State, Albany has found itself in the position of hosting some of the next potential stars in their area. The Capital of the New York has a movement underway with the emerging collective, “The Glockstars” and one of the leading members, Glockstar Dimi has caught a wave with his recent single, “Gelly”. As the single hit the internet, it’s been filled with many people doing the #GellyChallenge and it will only make more waves nationwide with the release of the video. The Wild Money directed visual gives you a facelift on what it means to be from Albany from the perspective of The Glockstars. It’s only a forward thinking step in the right direction, and its only a matter of time until the rest of the world catches onto The Glockstars.

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Shot + Edited by Wild Money



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  1. I’m really trying not to hate on these sound cloud type rappers. But come on none of them have any flow at all. They do these one bar chants over and over. They all sound a like. They all have that same stupid ugly ass hair style looking like 5 year old girl going to church on a Sunday morning with braids in their hair. Almost all of them talking about doing lean perks and Xans. Then they die from the shit. I’m sorry I just see most of it as a real low for “hip hop”. But I kinda hesitate to even call it hip hop. Bout the only thing it has in common with hip hop is it’s said over a beat. If anything it should be a separate genre. I think then it wouldn’t cause ppl like me to just look at it and shake my head in disappointment at this generations version of hip hop. I understand some of it is a little catchy but very little has any depth to it.
    We use to be able to make very intelligent arguments about hip hop and what it was to the outside world who all hated it you can’t really do that with most of this shit. It’s just a real shame the direction hip hop has taken the past 8-10 years. Rappers use to be coolest smoothest cats and these days rappers are just weirdos. For those of us who lived through hip hop being artful have a hard time getting on board with this superficial, mean nothing firm of “rap”.
    Most of these songs have the whole song basically sounding like what use to be a hook l. Now that chant some one or two line bar 10-15 times in a row and call it a song. I guess I can understandable you get ppl who never heard or knew any better would latch on but it’s just really severely dumbed down. Like a parent I’m not mad I’m just disappointed. I mean this shit was so wac. That shit y’all claiming hot, man you can just tell these are mostly kids who haven’t heard this generic shit a million times.


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