Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Garrette Revenge on Selling XXXtentacion Mugshot Shirts to Get Him Out Of Jail

Garette gives great details about his relationship with X, and how their hard work and friendship led them to making some iconic moments, like the X mugshot shirt. The proceeds from this collab actually helped to pay for X legal fees.

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  1. Spent about ten minutes tryna get on the video because I kept going on and off the video to avoid the fucking ad

  2. What so special about X? He died a long time ago and he was demonic he sold his soul so I don’t get what makes him special

  3. As a fellow Floridian and coming from the same tri county area as X was from I can honestly say that it has not been the same since that horrible day bro I’ve come to accept it but there’s always gonna be a part of me that will never come to terms with his death bro rs R.I.P to a young legend!!!!!


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