Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Fredo Bang on Being Sober, Guns in Videos, Dating Young Thug’s Sister & More

With a new project only a few days away, Fredo Bang stopped by the No Jumper podcast to talk about his upbringing, his creative process, his relationship YNW Melly, BSlime, Kevin Gates, Lit Yoshi, Tee Grizley, and his late friend Gee Money.

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  1. 0:11 Fredo introduces himself
    0:41 Keep your homies names alive
    1:05 Fredo keeps Gee Money’s ID with him
    1:46 How Fredo met Gee
    3:32 Fredo always wanted to be in music
    4:44 Fredo gets lost by Adam’s question
    5:12 How Fredo express his creativity despite him being shy
    6:15 Fredo has been doing very well since he’s on probation
    7:14 Having a career while being on parole
    7:33 Fredo doesn’t smoke weed “Weed don’t do nothing for me”
    8:23 “Why ppl think you cant get cancer from weed?”
    8:54 Coronavirus
    9:11 SXSW cancelled
    9:36 When Fredo’s career really took off
    11:22 Lit Yoshi
    11:51 Fredo is actively helping his community behind the scenes
    12:55 Growing up, his family dynamic and his Dad
    14:32 What his Dad taught him
    16:30 Cousins and fake cousins “I have somebody saved in my phone as I’m not your cousin”
    17:39 Being the most famous in your hometown
    18:15 When the buzz started to grow, who was guiding you?
    18:43 Organic growth without radio play
    18:56 Still building confidence to get on stage
    19:22 Fredo doesn’t drink!
    19:53 Fredo stays out of troubles now
    21:34 Being on parole keeps me in check!
    22:02 Having guns in videos is “little boy shit, it diminishes your appeal and it’s corny”
    23:39 “Some rappers try to impress me with street shit, been there done that, I don’t want to hear any of that”
    25:41 Fans try to break down his lyrics
    26:27 Losing Gee and almost quit everything after that
    28:39 Growing up in Louisiana and always being somewhat paranoid
    29:44 Pop Smoke and how to move more cautiously
    31:30 Label situation, being locked in the studio, not chasing a hit and writers block
    33:25 Inspired by Roddy Rich to write more songs, Young Thug, Moneybagg and more
    34:26 Friendship with YNW Melly and hang out with BSlime
    36:39 The Rappers Mom tv show “I dont even want my Mom to come to my shows”
    38:35 How Fredo met Melly
    39:23 Should labels be held accountable and protect their artists?
    41:41 New tape coming March 27
    42:48 How long Fredo spends on making a song
    44:07 Relationship with Tee Grizley through Melly
    44:51 Making music with Melly
    46:00 Having Pompano Randy in a video
    47:07 Relationship with Kevin Gates “Never a dull moment around him”
    49:15 Living the single life after dating Thug’s sister Dolly

  2. Why is EVERYONE in USA taking some form of drugs? I am 52 years old and I have never touched a drug before and I am not interested, I also do not take alcohol.

  3. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that boosey bash got cancelled after ignoring fredos request, that was all karma.


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