Dave Grohl has shared a few new details about Foo Fighters‘ upcoming new comedy horror film Studio 666.

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The film, which is due for release next year, was first previewed earlier this month when the band shared a short clip of the BJ McDonnell-directed feature.

According to a press release, Studio 666 will follow Foo Fighters as they move into a mansion in Encino, California that is “steeped in grisly rock and roll history” to record a new album. Once they’ve arrived, though, Grohl “finds himself grappling with supernatural forces that threaten both the completion of the album and the lives of the band”.

The film will see the full band – Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Pat Smear, Chris Shiflett and Rami Jaffee – star alongside Whitney Cummings, Leslie Grossman, Jenna Ortega and more.

Speaking in a new interview, Grohl has discussed the making of the film and said “it really, really will blow your mind”.

“There’s no other band stupid enough to do this. It’s absolutely insane,” Grohl told MOJO (via Classic Rock). “A couple of scenes, they’re so fucking epic, dude. Just when you think we couldn’t come up with anything more ridiculous…It really, really will blow your mind.”

While the Foos are keeping the plot of the film firmly under wraps at the moment, Grohl revealed a little about the studio’s fictional supernatural inhabitants, Dream Window. “The singer went nuts” he said, “and murdered his whole band over creative differences.”

Studio 666 was close to being finished in early 2020, but like many films the coronavirus pandemic halted production. “We had filmed most of the movie” Grohl revealed. “All we had to film was basically the few ending scenes. Then months and months went by. We would have meetings to talk about how we could possibly finish this movie with all the new restrictions and compliance.

“‘How are we going to fucking pull this off?’ So we came up with a plan. And those six days of shooting turning into about three weeks because of all the new regulations that really slow things down.

“We were one of the first productions in Los Angeles back after the COVID thing. We did it safely and we actually pulled it off.”

Grohl added that the band were inspired to push forward with production after seeing a finalised trailer for the film. “We watched that trailer and we were like ‘Holy fucking shit,” explained Grohl. “I mean, honestly, talk about far beyond anyone’s expectations… It’s a movie movie. We all were just like, ‘Oh my god, let’s finish this’”.

When the film was first announced, Grohl said in a statement: “After decades of ridiculous music videos and numerous music documentaries under our collective belts, it was finally time to take it to the next level… A full-length feature horror-comedy film. Like most things Foo, STUDIO 666 began with a far fetched idea that blossomed into something bigger than we ever imagined possible.

“Filmed at the same house where we recorded our latest album ‘Medicine at Midnight’ (told you that place was haunted!), we wanted to recapture the classic magic that all of our favourite rock and roll movies had, but with a twist: hilarious gore that fucking ROCKS. And now, with the help of Tom Ortenberg and the team at Open Road Films we can finally let this cat out of the bag after keeping it our best kept secret for two years. Be ready to laugh, scream, and headbang in your popcorn. STUDIO 666 will fuck you up.”

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters have made their recent concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden available to watch in full for free – you can watch it here.

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