Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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First Country: New Music From Kat & Alex, Jon Langston, Zach Bryan and More

First Country is a compilation of the best new country songs, videos & albums that dropped this week.

Kat & Alex, “I Want It All”

In 2020, duo Kat & Alex released their debut single “How Many Times,” along with an accompanying Spanish version (Kat is a first-generation American from a Cuban family, while Alex is of Puerto Rican descent), and followed it last year with “Heartbreak Tour,” proving their voices can powerfully handle a sizzling, pop-country belter. Their latest, which they co-wrote with writer AJ Pruis, percolates with an unabashed romantic intensity as each pleads for the other to take a chance at a long-lasting love. Kat leads the intro with some whispery Mariah Carey-esque vocals before slowly revealing more of her dynamic voice throughout the track, while Alex’s twangy baritone offers a nice counterbalance. This track continues their momentum, inching the duo closer to a much-deserved hit.

Jon Langston, “Back Words”

This slow burn jam has the requisite radio-ready pop sheen, but Langston’s vocal is right in the pocket on this tale of a guy who wishes he could turn the clock “backwards,” but knows it is too late to take “back words.” Jon Nite, Ross Copperman and Michael Hardy wrote the track, with production from Jody Stevens.

Leon Timbo, “Galaxy”

Thanks to previous projects such as his 2005 album Soul Session, Timbo is known for his versatile vocals and his unique style that blends elements of soul, gospel, funk and more. Last year, Timbo released his debut country/Americana project Lovers and Fools, and follows with his latest track, a tender tribute to forging a love as constant as the sun and moon, yet as flexible as the wind. The song’s minimalist instrumentation offers space for this earnest, soul-cleansing vocal delivery.

Drew Green, “Good Ol’ Man”

In this song Green wrote with Josh Miller, Lee Starr and Mark Trussell, he’s cleaning up his act, cutting down on the swear words and Copenhagen and taking life a little bit slower in order to be a better role model for his son.

“Making a man out of him/ Is making a man out of me,” he sings, as the song’s clean production subtly underscores this timeless message.

Carter Faith, “Greener Pasture”

This recent college grad offers plenty of worldly wisdom here, issuing a warning against falling for a roving cowboy who loves until he leaves for greener pasture. “I should’ve known I ain’t his last rodeo,” she sings, while the track’s glowing production gives her feather-light, folksy vocal space to play with nuance and phrasing.

Zach Bryan, “From Austin”

“Wish I was born with concrete shoes/ But I’m leaving tonight,” he sings, advising his lover to settle down with someone who doesn’t make their living rolling from town to town. This raw track builds from a subdued, self-reflective confessional into a stomping, heartland rock-tinged anthem that makes the most of Bryan’s burly voice. The song is a preview of the Oklahoma native’s upcoming Warner Records release, American Heartbreak, which bows May 20.

Kylie Morgan, “Independent With You”

Kylie Morgan is fiercely independent and no stranger to heartbreak, but here she revels in finding a lover who isn’t setting out to change her. This track highlights Morgan’s versatile vocal range, as well as her commitment to music that highlights both emotional strength and vulnerability. Morgan wrote the song with Erik Belz and Palmer Lee, with production from Ben Johnson, Shane McAnally and Belz.



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