Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Electric Fields Charge-Up With Warner Music Deal: Exclusive

Electric Fields are fully-charged with a new, global deal struck with Warner Music Australia and new management partnership between long-term manager Diana Sautelle and Wonderlick Entertainment, Billboard can exclusively reveal.

The future soul duo of singer Zaachariaha Fielding and producer-composer Michael Ross will hope to take their luxurious, and at times, otherworldly, musical offerings to the rest of their world through these new arrangements.

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, Electric Fields made a break into the mainstream in 2019 when they competed for Australia’s spot in the Eurovision Song Contest With “2000 and Whatever.”

Though Kate Miller-Heidke got the ticket to the big show with her entry “Zero Gravity,” no one would forget Electric Fields and their unique brand of electro-pop, powered by Fielding’s angelic vocals.

In the same year, Electric Fields took the stage at the APRA Music Awards, for a performance of Amy Shark’s “I Said Hi.” It was electric, a pin-drop moment.

High-profile shows Down Under have included the 2020 AFL Grand Final, the televised 2021 Mardi Gras Parade from the Sydney Cricket Ground and, earlier this week, their pair performed “From Little Things Big Things Grow” as a tribute to NIMAs Hall of Fame inductee Kev Carmody.

“Signing Electric Fields to WMA is truly a great way to end 2021,” comments Dan Rosen, president WMA, “and we’re incredibly proud to welcome them to the Warner Music family.”

He continues, “With one of Australia’s most distinct and unique voices teamed with incredible production and energy, this duo continue to push boundaries and move people with their music.”

Electric Fields should get more power with Wonderlick Entertainment joining Diana Sautelle as co-managers.

“Diana has done an incredible job of managing the band, staring down by herself the huge workload that comes with the opportunities created by such a special & boundary pushing project,” comments Stu MacQueen, co-founder & CEO Wonderlick Entertainment. “We are humbled that Zaachariaha, Michael and Diana have invited us to join their family and to be involved in a project that we truly believe is musically and culturally important.”

Wonderlick guides the careers of Amy Shark, Montaigne, flowerkid and others.

To celebrate their new harvest, Electric Fields share “Gold Energy,” a song bright and bubbling with self-empowerment, and one that embraces their queerness.

Fielding, who was raised in the remote desert community of Mimili in South Australia’s Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands, never forgot where he came from.

On “Gold Energy,” he sings “Kurunpa nganampa liprulala” in Anangu language during the pre-chorus, which translates to “adjust your spirit, correct your energy.”

“Whenever Z and I write a song,” notes Ross, “we always have an idea rooted in philosophy. This song is about stadium-level joy, that feeling in the best times of life: gold energy.”



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