The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a tough loss in the Super Bowl but a highly successful season. If asked before the season, there wouldn’t have been many in the media crowning the Eagles king of the NFC. However, with the birth of a superstar in Jalen Hurts, along with a stout defense, the Eagles have to be favorites for the upcoming season. Eagles players and fans alike are chomping at the bit for next season to begin, we now know the team will be playing in style.

Retro uniforms can be a thing of beauty. In any sport, when done right, retro looks are a beautiful design that respects the past and gives fans a snapshot of their franchise’s history. The Eagles are a team who have a chance to kick straight through the uprights with a retro look. Fans are going to get the chance to see the Kelly green uniforms take the field once again this coming season. A perfect color to match anyone that might wear the newly approved number zero.

Philadelphia Eagles Delight With Retro Look

The @Eagles‘ Kelly green alternate uniforms are officially coming back this season.

— NFL (@NFL) March 29, 2023

The absolute coldest look in the entire league. One could even argue that this should return as the permanent look of the Philadelphia Eagles. From the helmets to the cleats, there’s not a cleaner look than this. A permanent change to the Kelly green could change the stigma of the 1-2 record the Eagles have in the big game with their current look. The Eagles didn’t fail on the field last season, and they certainly won’t be in the uniform department this season, either.

More teams should take notes and bring back the looks of yesteryear. A matchup of these Kelly greens versus those beautiful 80’s Giants threads is enough to make an elder millennial shed a few tears. Or, even another chance to see those 90’s blue top Detroit Lions uniforms. What other retro looks would you like to see in the NFL? Please drop a comment in the section below and let us hear your thoughts. For the latest news on uniform drops in the NFL, continue checking in with HNHH.