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Don’t Worry, Katy Perry Isn’t Moving to Kentucky: ‘The Source Is Telling You No’

Katy Perry cleared up rumors that she’s relocating to Kentucky following the season 20 finale of American Idol on Sunday night.

“You can’t believe everything you hear or read. You’ve got to hear it from the source, and the source is telling you no,” the pop star told Extra after the finale. “But I did spend a lot of time there because Orlando [Bloom] just wrapped filming a movie there for two months, so I was there for a month and change and I loved it. It was so beautiful to see the heart of America…Also just to be ‘Mom’ every day, all day — I love that.”

Still, the “Harleys in Hawaii” singer gushed about her love of country music including “Where We Started,” the new collaboration with Thomas Rhett that she performed during the finale episode.

“I might get back a little bit more to my roots with that singer-songwriter side. I spent so much time in Nashville just laying my musical foundation, so I’d love to continue on that path,” she hinted, adding, “I love this song…I have been sent a bajillion country songs — some of them have even been massive country songs — and I was like, ‘Should I have did it? No.’ This is the one I was meant to start with to cross over into this world.”

Coincidentally, while Perry isn’t planning to put down roots in the heartland any time soon, Idol‘s latest winner Noah Thompson actually hails from the state, with the 20-year-old construction worker calling the small town of Louisa, Kentucky home.



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