DJ Akademiks has landed himself in the midst of some beef once again, and after being slandered by LL Cool J for calling rap pioneers “dusty,” the public figure was attacked by another famous face on the radio and has since used social media in an attempt to clear his name.

“Any industry n*gga hating on me is cuz I ain’t kiss the ring or bow down before I got into this shit,” he began. “They all mad they gotta deal with me now. Just remember, Akademiks ain’t the last. Everyone influential in hip-hop media coming via the internet… There’s a lot more [to] come,” his first tweet concluded.

Ebro Darden, Global Editorial Head of Hip-Hop and R&B, Apple Music, speaks onstage during The Fast Company Innovation Festival — Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

Next, the 31-year-old addressed his ongoing beef with famed media executive and radio personality, Ebro Darden, writing, “That n*gga Ebro called me out on Hot 97. Dawg, stop all that pretentious shit my n*gga. [You] n*ggas fake.”

“I emailed [you] when I was nobody, [you] curved me cuz I [f*ck with] Charlamagne,” Akademiks claimed. “Now y’all doing think pieces [and] challenges [about] me. Kick rocks n*gga. Keep blackballing artists at Apple Music.”

That wasn’t all the Off The Record host had to get off his chest, as in another post he went off again. “Ebro [and] them n*ggas went from telling me ‘Nah [you f*ck with] the opps, we don’t [f*ck with] you’ to now full time hating on me cuz I made it without dealin with them.”

“Anything Ebro or Hot 97 n*ggas say [about] me is bad faith,” Ak insisted. “Plus that Rosenberg n*gga mad his wife got f*cked by a black n*gga, sorryyyy.”

He continued to lash out at Darden, claiming that, as Apple Music’s Global Head of Editorial for Hip-Hop and R&B, he has the power to prevent artists from getting coverage if he doesn’t “f*ck with them” or if ego is involved.

“Ebro will never address me without admitting he was a fake ass n*gga,” Akademiks wrote. “Who tried to politic me out the game.”

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