Friday, December 2, 2022
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Danny Towers and DJ Scheme on XXXtentacion, Juice WRLD, Russ Beef, Tankhead Arrest & More

Friends of the No Jumper podcast Danny Towers and DJ Scheme, stopped by to share about their creative relationship, new music, fun and crazy moments with XXX, Ski, Juice, Pouya and all their rapper friends and how they went from being completely broke to making money off music! Also, Scheme breaks down how the whole Russ beef situation actually started!



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  1. 0:24 Adam was introduced to Danny via Scheme
    0:51 Where is Danny from and his beginnings + meeting Scheme
    2:04 Danny on branching out from Members Only
    2:14 Who was the head of the pack on the scene at that time?
    3:01 Coming up with X
    4:22 Danny thinking back on X starting with nothing and see him blow up was amazing
    5:01 Scheme always been a huge fan of Danny and supportive of him
    6:31 Adam recalls witnessing the first underground shows with Xavier Wulf and Bones
    7:17 Adam remembers a show with Wulf, Pump, Semi and all the shenanigans
    10:15 Adam wants Bruno to come on the show to talk about all the crazy anecdotes
    10:54 Did Fat Nick ever make an adult movie?
    11:52 Riley Reid racist rap produced by Metro Zoo
    12:58 Danny says Riley Reid can say the N Word
    13:23 Wild tour stories?
    14:25 Scheme talks about cancelling tour dates and X being on edge and paranoid, wanting to go home
    16:13 Wifi being beat up while stage diving + stayed on tour “I’ll get clout from this”
    17:53 Riding the clout from the incident to showcase talent “Ski Mask rappin with ppl having sex behind him”
    18:35 How did the song “How You Feel” come about? Scheme and Danny break down the entire process
    21:02 Danny talk about Lil Yachty
    23:16 Danny is passionate about his art but losing friends is very difficult yet pushes him to keep going
    24:01 X and Juice passing + comparing Kid Laroi’s music and being surrounded by very talented friends like Ski ask
    25:42 Danny being friends with X first and never made music with him
    26:16 Ski Mask being best friends with X and being homeless together before they blew up
    27:11 Mobbin to SXSW to be part of the scene with no money “X finessed someone to buy him a plane ticket, lol”
    28:15 Scheme recall a party they couldn’t get to and X telling him “who gives a fuck if we’re not allowed, our time is coming” right after that, Pouya called to go on tour with them
    30:19 This tour was defining, we were supposed to go home and X spent his last 400 on a homeless
    31:30 X on that tour and what happened behind the scenes
    32:03 Danny tells the XXX “Yung Bratz” story
    34:52 The kid with the blunt story “He went down a sad path until he turned to religion”
    36:25 Lena Dunham on the runway looking like Esco “She blocked me on Twitter”
    37:26 Celebrity being mad on Twitter and the MGK situation
    38:25 Xan forever lookin 14 years old
    39:11 Hip hop itself is like a big reality show + Being cut out for success or not
    40:30 no filter no jumper + Ski and X interview “I fought a dude in jail”***
    41:23 Scheme talks about his new project “I want to be taken seriously as a producer”
    + Pushing Danny as an artist
    44:13 Danny being a tik tok rapper?
    45:19 Scheme signing with Empire and the label conversation
    46:59 Taking the advance from the label
    47:35 How much is a Russ verse? And other Russ encounters
    50:34 Scheme explain how the Russ beef actually started from and how they almost got into an ugly fight! “I was young and dumb and I posted: 100 RT and I’ll slap Russ… Then, I realized it would have been a problem”
    54:42 Russ actually pays attention to what’s happening! “I think he’s a G for handling things that way”
    57:07 Scheme says this should be handled as a fair one on one and not jump people
    59:12 The free tank situation?
    1:01:22 Pop Smoke
    1:06:45 Talking about Juice passing and how to cope
    1:10:26 Some people acting like they were close or connected to X, but they weren’t
    1:11:23 Adam talks about his nephew reacting to Juice’s passing
    1:14:18 Ski Mask and Scheme being healthy?
    1:15:00 Using tough love to Fat Nick for him to take care of his health
    1:18:24 Danny’s new music coming out
    1:19:31 Tik Tok, Vine, Triller
    1:23:17 White girls stealing dances on tik tok and get big looks “It’s kinda racist”
    1:27:03 Gross story and health talk
    1:32:52 Drakes stealing songs?

  2. Can’t wait for these three(including ski) to release more music either on their own or together. I fuck with these 3 so heavy it’s crazy. We need another tour from these three talented individuals soon ‼️‼️

  3. Enjoyed the conversation, you can feel that shit. Scheme I hope all is well, please take care of ally. 999


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