This time next week, Chris Brown’s album Breezy would have arrived. It is a labor of love that Brown has carefully rolled out and with each new single, fans are seeing new sides to Brown’s growing talents. His singles, including today’s “Call Me Everyday” featuring WizKid, have received wide praise. Brown recently reunited with famed radio host Big Boy to talk about fatherhood and his career. With such a wide-ranging catalog, Big Boy was curious about how Brown chooses songs to perform live.

During the interview, Big Boy wanted to know if Brown had a list of the Top 5 songs he liked to perform. 

“Um, ‘Loyal,'” the singer said of his Lil Wayne collaboration. “‘No Guidance,’ ‘Heat,’ ‘Liquor,’ and oh, sh*t, either one of my classics. From ‘Say Goodbye,’ ‘Yo,’ ‘Run It,’ but it’s gotta be just one of them.”

Big Boy joked that if he goes to a Chris Brown concert and the singer doesn’t perform “Yo,’ he’s not going to let him leave the stage. Brown promised concertgoers that they will be satisfied with his selection, and Big Boy pointed out that Brown’s catalog is so extensive that it would almost be impossible to include everyone’s favorite.

Check out Chris Brown chopping it up with Big Boy below.