Bronny James Jr. has been leading the headlines over this last week thanks to his play out on the court in Europe. Fans have been mesmerized with what he has been able to accomplish as of late, and as he heads into his senior year with Sierra Canyon, there is no doubt that all eyes are going to be on him, moving forward.

Recently, Bronny came through with a spectacular poster dunk that had everyone in the arena jumping out of their seats. This is the play that led to all of the recent Bronny love, and as his European tour continues, Bronny continues to show us just how incredible his athleticism truly is.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

For instance, in today’s game, Bronny was able to come through with a chase-down block that is reminiscent of what LeBron pulled off in the 2016 NBA Finals. By now, everyone knows that infamous LeBron play, and today, Bronny got to recreate it. In the clip down below, Bronny is completely off-screen but bursts into the frame and gets up for the block on what should have been a guaranteed lay-up. It was yet another demonstration of how Bronny is gearing up to be a defensive beast.

With the European tour continuing, we are certainly going to see even more great plays from Bronny. Let us know what you think of this particular gem, in the comments down below.