Monday, November 29, 2021
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Beyonce Hits an Ace With ‘King Richard’ Soundtrack Song ‘Be Alive’: Listen

It’s great to be alive, especially when the Queen Bey drops new music.

At the stroke of midnight, Beyonce shared “Be Alive,” her first release of 2021.

“Be Alive” is lifted from Warner Bros’ King Richard, an inspiration film that explores the story of tennis legends the Williams sisters and their father Richard Williams.

Like the movie it appears in, “Be Alive” is an ace that will warm your heart and give you goosebumps.

On it, Bey sings: “It feels so good to be alive / Got all my sisters by my side / Couldn’t wipe this black off if I tried / That’s why I lift my hеad with pride / Now we’re sitting on top of thе world again.”

“Be Alive” is Beyonce’s first release as a lead artist since 2020’s “Black Parade”.

King Richard is coming to theaters from Nov. 19 and it’ll stream exclusively on HBO Max.

Stream the new number below.



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