Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Avril Lavigne & Travis Barker Terrorize an Ex-Boyfriend In ‘Bite Me’ Video: Watch

Avril Lavigne is ready to rock once more — this time, with pop-punk’s favorite drummer and DTA Records label head Travis Barker by her side. On Friday (Nov. 12), the singer released her video for “Bite Me,” the first single from her forthcoming, yet-to-be-titled album.

The video sees Lavigne and Barker, with some help from their rowdy gang of tutu-wearing and axe-wielding friends, terrorizing the man that caused Lavigne heartbreak. The group crashes the man’s loft after breaking the lock, to trash the apartment space, torture the unsuspecting man and play “Bite Me” at full blast.

In Lavigne’s own words, the track is “super sassy and is about someone who wants a second chance but they f—-d up so royally they’re kinda not really worth your time, and they realize after the fact that you had a really good thing going on, and you’re sort of the one that got away,” she said in an interview with Kevan Kenney on Alt 92.3. “It’s a song about self-worth and standing up for yourself and just being like ‘You didn’t treat me right. You didn’t treat me well, and that doesn’t work for me….so baby, you can bite me.’”

Lavigne has yet to share any of her plans for the forthcoming album release, but during her appearance on 92.3, she said, “The majority of the record is fast, in your face. It’s the most alternative record front to back that I’ve ever made. I just really didn’t want any ballads, I just wanted rock n’ roll and pop-punk.”

Watch the video for “Bite Me” below.



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