Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Andrew Yang Rally on Fairfax in Los Angeles

Hundreds of people rallied to Fairfax Ave. for Andrew Yang’s pop-up shop with Childish Gambino. We hit the streets and found out what’s the real MATH on Yang Gang 2020.



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  1. What a waste of time he’s not going to win anything probably will drop out in a few months feel bad for these people kinda shocking

  2. The more I watch the dumber I get, Yang gang yeah we out here turning politics into merch. Yeah what do we want free money WHY bc we dont wanna work, What do we want FREE HEALTHCARE why bc we want everything for free. Yeah tax cuts so people still have fucking jobs moron. I heard one person actually state one fucking fact other than saying I stand with his values i love his policies but yet Idk his policies. W.e keep letting Cali take your guns eventually gangs and criminals will be the only one with weapons. YOU FUCKING PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. Y’all sound soo fucking dumb speaking. Yeah we have rappers and famous ppl here that’s why I came. Look back 60 years every presidential candidate has said the same shit but y’all are toooo fucking moronic to get it, 99% of the ppl have no fucking clue what this guy stands for. But hey it’s Cali baby nothing but sunshine, starbucks lattes and hey bros.

  3. 11:41 that’s me!!!! Omg I was really hoping they wouldn’t use my cut cus I was so nervous lololol. Didn’t mention democracy dollars but that’s my favorite policy.

  4. Americans have lost the plot💀Your government are all laughing at how brainwashed their citizens are. The rest of the world sees it loud and clear 👁

  5. We are going to have to eventually have universal basic income…I hope he doesn’t make taxes higher to help pay for universal basic income…He needs to cut wasteful government spending to help pay for the UBI and to lower taxes

  6. Hearing these millennials talk will lower your IQ .. WARNING will lower your intelligence to when men hunted with rocks 😂😂😂


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