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‘Alex From Glasto’ reportedly helped launch controversial political Twitter account

Reports claim that ‘Alex From Glasto’ helped launch the controversial political news aggregator Politics For All, which was banned from Twitter earlier this month for allegedly “violating” rules on “platform manipulation and spam”.

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Alex Mann AKA ‘Alex From Glasto’ found fame in 2019 when Dave pulled the then 15-year-old from the audience at Glastonbury to perform ‘Thiago Silva’ with him. The footage went viral (one video is currently at 28million Youtube views).

According to VICE, not long after Glastonbury, Mann used his newfound fame to link up Mail On Sunday columnist Dan Hodges with his friend, 17-year old Nick Moar (who also did social media for The Spectator) to launch Politics For All.

In just over two years, Politics For All amassed over 400,000 followers and earned a reputation for providing no-nonsense political news.

If you haven’t already, check out @PoliticsForAlI. Simple, factual political news. Good addition to political Twitter.

— (((Dan Hodges))) (@DPJHodges) November 27, 2019

However, Politics For All faced criticism and accusations of claiming neutrality while being skewed to the right politically in its coverage, as well as pursuing clickbait headlines.

Moar was revealed to be a Conservative Party supporter and Brexit advocate by the Byline Times last May.

The account, alongside spin-offs Football For All, News For All and Moar’s personal account were all banned in January 2022 for “operating multiple accounts with overlapping personas or substantially similar content”.

“The fact that Twitter will allow The Taliban on their platform, but not a simple news aggregator is quite something,” a Politics For All insider told The Telegraph. “We will be appealing this decision”.

NME have reached out to Mann for comment.

Speaking to The Guardian in 2019, Mann said: “I don’t want to only be remembered as Alex from Glasto – I know I’m lucky to have this platform but I want to do something important with it. I’m just not sure what yet.”

And speaking to NME, Mann explained how Dave DM’d him the day after Glastonbury. “He’s been really good and supportive about the whole thing. He’s offered his help, and he’s told me dos and don’ts on how to try and manage it all.”

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