Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Adam Saleh & Slim talk Fighting, Fousey, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, KSI and more

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Youtube boxing sensations Slim and Adam Saleh unloads on Adam about Fousey, Keemstar, who they support, who they hate, who they want to fight, who they think is weak and who could be a legit opponent to go up against. They also bet on the KSI/Jake Paul fight and won no less than 10K, thanks to Jake Paul losing!

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  1. 0:12 – Meeting each other at the Fousey event but not having a chance to talk
    1:01 – How long have Adam Saleh and Slim been friends
    1:21 – Being a vlogger makes you live a more exiting life
    2:19 – Everyone is LA has an Ego compared to NY
    3:23 – KSI having more support than Logan Paul
    5:03 – Adam Saleh on meeting Jake Paul for the first time
    6:37 – Logan Paul talking big then losing the fight
    8:30 – Logan Paul doing a better job of promoting himself as a boxer compared to KSI
    9:25 – Blue Chew Ad
    10:38 – Adam Saleh winning 10k cash from betting on the boxing match
    11:21 – When did Slim and Adam Saleh get into boxing
    12:37 – Adam Saleh getting his boxing license taken away for being in a street fight
    13:22 – Setting up the fight between Slim and Fousey
    14:40 – What were Adam22’s thoughts during the viral Fousey appearance during the Shane Dawson interview
    16:22 – Fousey Tube being a whole different person now
    16:43 – Slim not getting enough credit for beating up Fousey
    17:46 – Slims friends betting against him in the boxing match
    18:57 – Is Slim happy with his performance in the boxing match
    20:00 – Logan Paul disrespecting Slim during an interview
    22:02 – Adam Saleh’s first professional with MMA fighter Marcus
    23:15 – Nobody wanting to fight Adam Saleh because of his boxing experience
    24:54 – Slims next fight might be with Alex Wasabi
    25:53 – Adam Saleh’s next fight might be with DDG
    27:18 – How hard do Slim and Adam Saleh train
    27:52 – Fousey Tube having 20 pounds on Slim during the fight night
    29:00 – Slim and Adam Saleh ready for any new fights
    29:26 – Having a strong middle eastern fan base
    30:28 – Who does Slim want to fight
    33:26 – Youtube needs a Dana White
    34:05 – Should KSI keep fighting
    36:04 – Would Slim or Adam Saleh fight Deji right now
    37:35 – Is there any corruption in boxing
    38:45 – What is Slims and Adam Saleh’s life outside of boxing
    41:28 – Adam22 willing to get knocked out for 1 Million dollars
    42:50 – Slim only being into boxing for 2 months but having a history of street fighting
    43:25 – Adam Saleh having to hide the fact that he was muslim for 4 years
    45:07 – Adam Salehs first successful videos on youtube
    46:56 – Tik Tok clubs in high school
    49:26 – Adam22 back on facebook
    51:37 – Differences between Facebook posts and youtube
    53:41 – Adam22’s and Adam Salehs mutual friend “Kid Laroy”
    55:23 – Daily vlogging and training for the boxing match at the same time
    56:19 – Adam Saleh getting a second hand high from Fousey Tube
    58:08 – Have Slim and Adam Saleh ever considered trying out MMA
    59:06 – UFC and MMA being much different now compared to the start
    1:00:14 – The YouTube boxing trend attracting more kids to start boxing and training
    1:00:58 – Keemstar owing Slim money and not giving him his respect
    1:03:23 – Call out clip
    1:03:42 – Adam22 wants to box DJ Akademiks
    1:04:50 – Where do Slim and Adam Saleh train
    1:06:49 – Vlog with Pop Smoke falling through
    1:08:28 – Logan Paul vs KSI fight bringing all the youtubers together
    1:09:12 – Adam Saleh having a lot kids in his vlogs
    1:09:58 – People having kids just for youtube views
    1:12:19 – Slim vlogging
    1:13:00 – Adam22 thinking he’ll lose a fight with Fousey
    1:13:41 – Not expecting to do so much damage to Fousey
    1:14:10 – Why did Adam22 dislike Fousey Tube so much
    1:15:47 – Slim coming out with lil Papi

  2. Slim sounds so butthurt that nobody talks about him and gives him credit. But like.. I still don’t know who he is and honestly I don’t care..

  3. Before the Fousey fight Slim had about 540K Subscribers, after the fight he gain about 35K subs. Adam begged his followers to subscribe to Slim to get him to 1mil or at least 600k. Maybe this no jumper interview will give him a boost.


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