Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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6ix9ine’s Former DJ Pvnch Tells All From His Time With Tr3yway

New York media personality, DJ and A&R Pvnch, drops gems on gems! He opens up about his come up, working with 50 Cent, Tekashi, Young MA, radio politics, beefing with Flex and predicts who the next rappers are going to be big in New York!



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  1. 0:26 Pvnch explains why he gets a lot of heat lately
    0:57 Pvnch explains who said “Woo” first
    2:45 Pvnch breaks down the “Woo” situation with Tekashi
    5:52 Kids should take example from Bobby and 6ix9ine of what not to do
    7:24 Bobby and 6ix9ine artistic esthetic
    8:03 6ix9ine taking the bandana esthetic to the next level
    9:00 No one predicted how big 6ix9ine would become
    10:13 How Pvnch started working with 6ix9ine
    13:15 How Pvnch started to be his 6ix9ine’s DJ
    14:16 Some artists getting mad at Pvnch because of what he covers
    14:50 Pop Smoke is really my boy!
    15:50 Pvnch talks about new fire artists coming up: Jeezy Mula
    16:21 Pvnch explains the Jeezy’s situation
    17:25 Why Pvnch was instrumental in the rise of 6ix9ine
    17:58 Pvnch explains the 6ix9ine and Pi’erre Bourne situation
    18:42 Trife Drew wrote a lot for 6ix9ine with Pvnch + Pvnch also wrote for Kanye West
    19:14 Adam recalls a situation with Akademiks and 6ix9ine about a reference track
    19:53 Pvnch defends 6ix9ine for having possible ghostwriters or any help because he delivers every time
    21:54 Trife Drew doesn’t talk so they found a good balance to work together
    22:13 Has Pvnch thought about staying down for 6ix9ine?
    22:55 Pvnch humors the haters to give perspective to 6ix9ine’s snitching
    23:48 Pvnch explains when and why 6ix9ine was approached by the F**s
    26:46 Pvnch continues details the whole 6ix9ine firing his whole team
    28:17 Pvnch explains their relationship dynamic and what he thinks of 6ix9ine blowin money at the strip club “I don’t cosign that, I’m not with it!”
    31:00 Pvnch explains why he F with Adam and his p**nstars lifestyle and suggest a long list of girls that he knows
    32:38 Pvnch is jealous of Adam’s lifestyle
    33:59 Adam reflects on LTP being the most searched on PH “You’re doing better than most rappers”
    34:39 Adam so happy with life since he’s not obsessed with new **** anymore “It’s literally fallin into your lap, bro!”
    36:17 Pvnch reminds Adam how crazy it is to **** a girl you once **** off to!
    37:33 What Adam thinks of the NY scene right now
    37:50 Desiigner
    38:40 Pvnch breaks down the rise of Desiigner’s Panda and how Fifty didn’t care
    40:32 Is it good to sign to Kanye at this point? Is Desiigner’s career over?
    42:15 Pvnch reminds Adam how NY is in a good place and name a few artists that are blowin up
    42:41 New York lost his identity because of radio? Pvnch breaks down how radio is not helping artists
    43:57 Pvnch explains why Funk Flex dissed him!
    44:40 Radio Djs in New York are terrible gate keepers
    44:57 Adam describes how Flex didn’t seem like he did his homework when he got Tyler on the show
    46:00 Pvnch circles back on why Flex dissed him live on the radio and Pvnch came back with receipts “He lies to stay in the conversation and he doesn’t know or care about the culture”
    49:47 New York relies too much on the radio but there should be a indie medium
    50:43 Thisis50 didn’t reach the level it could’ve gotten to
    53:21 “When 50 is targeting on you, he will find time to come at you piece by piece”
    56:42 Pvnch reminds everyone to NOT play with 50 Cent!
    57:03 Pvnch on leaving Thisis50 “50 doesn’t care, I wish he cared”
    57:30 Pvnch praises Adam for working hard and doing his own thing
    57:53 Adam explains No Jumper new creative direction
    58:38 Pvnch says Akademiks is an underachiever who could do way more
    1:00:18 Being tied with 6ix9ine slowed Pvnch opportunities? + How relationship evolve
    1:01:45 Pvnch focused on being better, leveling up which leads to losing friendships
    1:03:00 Why Pvnch quit his Young MA gig, how they built some of her key moments together and parallel with Tekashi’s success
    1:06:21 “Uber Everywhere”, MadeinTyo, 24Hrs etc + Change you name as a rapper like 2Chainz, and elevate
    1:08:43 Bobby and Tekashi situation + GS9 is next up
    1:10:12 What Pvnch thinks going to happen when Tekashi comes home
    1:12:10 Pvnch tells a Tekashi story in LA and the video shoot getting sh*** “I was never part of the f**ckery!”
    1:15:30 Pvnch make a parallel w Chapo’s son and how snitch laws are different
    1:16:16 Why Shotti’s lawyer quit + How saying Cardi’s name was a narrative and not the truth
    1:17:11 Sara Molina’s r*** case got thrown under the rug because of all these headlines
    1:19:08 Pvnch explains how he interviewed Shotti calling 6ix9ine a snitch, and how Showtime, Netflix and Rolling Stone got something in the works..
    1:21:17 Pvnch defends Sara to the fullest and tried to check Tekashi in check to treat her right
    1:24:52 Making money the right way, expand your brand “My rapper brands be bozos!”
    1:26:55 Adam and Pvnch talk about New York lifestyle, corner store, and convenience on getting everything
    1:29:31 Pvnch is extremely shocked by Black girls doing d**** in LA
    1:30:15 How Adam feels about clout
    1:31:36 Being a touring DJ vs being a regular DJ
    1:32:30 Being paid fairly being 6ix9ine’s DJ “Never had an issue with him paying me”
    + Never looked for trouble when I was around him
    1:33:56 Pvnch tried to keep 6ix9ine and Casanova away from beefing + Describes his friendship with Casanova and how there were miscommunications along the way
    1:37:35 Pvnch upcoming projects and new media platform roll out, probably flagged by 10K records on Youtube?
    1:41:18 Pvnch wants New York to be the hub of new talent again + Is Pop Smoke the leader of the pack?
    1:42:34 Drake dipping his toes in the new New York scene
    1:43:10 Pvnch wants UK rappers to get more shine + New York scene shouldn’t act like UK doesn’t exist, like a quid pro quo
    1:46:44 Pvnch talks about how highly favored Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson is by getting big artists interviews
    1:49:00 Pvnch gives business venture advice to Adam
    1:51:43 Pvnch invite viewers to start a beef with this content
    1:51:55 Pvnch closes out on 6ix9ine and ask Adam if they will be friends when he gets out, then Adam gives his 2 cents on him and Ak relationship

  2. 17:36 co-signing the casanovas, the phreshers..”

    Daammnnnn.. who the fuck even remembers phresher..!?
    NOBODY!! Ahahaha.. fool came out with one fuckin song that blew TF up, then completely *DISAPPEARED..*

  3. It’s because of shitty ass gentrifications in nyc. The radio keeps pushing mainstream cause it’s what the white weirdo and/ or just outta state weirdos niggas that move in don’t know and understand the nyc underground scene.


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