Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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50 Cent Says Gayle King Once Confronted Him For ‘Talking S–t’ About Oprah

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  1. If we don’t know by now,,then we are still in denial. Screw her,I still stand by my principles. I am done, got nothing for you, and I don’t idolize human beings. Her words will always be trash to me.

  2. They are planning to use it to bring their vaccines cos they believe AFRICA AMERICANS BELIEVES THEIR CELEBRITIES

  3. Oprah makes me throw up in my mouth. She always wants to talk. She could call every Governor and put them on zoom. Has she ever went directly to the source of this problem? Our Government.

  4. How is it systemic racism when plenty of my own people make bad health choices regarding food and I’m talking about the ones who are well off.

  5. The majority of blacks are in service jobs! The service jobs have to continue during pandemic to support everything and all services…


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