Saturday, January 28, 2023
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30 Roc Talks Producing “The Box” For Roddy Rich, Giving Cardi B her 2nd Hits & More

30 Roc sits down with Adam to talk about his come up, his family, his upbringing, how he learned to make beats, the process, work ethic, the dedication, minding your own business to succeed, Roddy Rich, how much money he makes, and much more!



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  1. 0:15 – 30 Roc riding a crazy wave right now
    0:36 – 30 Roc grinding for a longtime before seeing this type of success
    1:15 – Growing up in the Bronx but moving to Atlanta
    2:00 – What were 30 Roc’s parents like and was there a musical influence in the house hold?
    2:45 – 30 Roc getting kicked out of college and deciding to make beats
    3:29 – Was there a moment that inspired 30 Roc to start making beats
    4:19 – Did 30 Roc fall in love with beat making?
    5:12 – 30 Roc did NOT learn to make beats with YouTube or other tutorials
    5:33 – Is the beat making game competitive?
    6:23 – Does 30 Roc ever feel like he makes beats that are too outside the box for some artists?
    7:14 – Is it easy to get frustrated when making beats?
    7:51 – How many hours does 30 Roc spend in the studio?
    8:35 – Does 30 Roc feel like he has to fit in when working with certain artists?
    10:23 – How did 30 Roc find the balance between working on his craft and also promoting himself?
    11:36 – How did 30 Roc first get his beats noticed?
    12:51 – Roddy Rich’s viral facebook post about no one listening to his music at the time.
    13:48 – Is it difficult working with many different artists and have artists asked for some sort of exclusivity deal?
    14:29 – How financially comfortable is 30 Roc right now?
    15:07 – 30 Roc wants to be a billionaire
    15:35 – How much has 30 Roc’s life changed after this viral?
    17:00 – Avoiding beef at all costs!
    17:52 – How did 30 Roc connect with Ear Drummers?
    20:10 – How did 30 Roc first start working with Kendrick Lamar and other huge artists?
    21:34 – Did 30 Roc know how huge “Bartier Cardi” was going to be and how did he end up producing for it?
    22:20 – Does 30 Roc ever write lyrics for people and do other behind the scenes work?
    22:46 – Does 30 Roc feel like marketing/promoting himself?
    23:33 – Not liking people and never arguing on social media
    24:14 – Is it hard to balance work and just living his life?
    24:45 – Not slowing down on production even when on the road
    25:00 – Having the name “30 Roc” before the TV show called “30 Rock”
    26:46 – How much work did 30 Roc do with Roddy before “The Box”
    28:08 – The “Ee Err” from “The Box” was originally an ad lib
    29:22 – People stealing sauce but staying ahead of the game
    30:50 – Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez going out of their way to surpass “The box”
    32:23 – Continuing to work with Roddy Rich
    32:44 – What are the main questions 30 Roc gets from producers?
    34:28 – Making all types of beats including making EDM music.
    35:28 – Not talking about his personal life.
    35:52 – What goals does 30 Roc have for himself?
    37:00 – Announcement from a producer who helped produce “The box”
    37:21 – 30 Roc shouts out all the non believers

  2. I’m a producer myself! 🔥 Dropping a lofi remix to DaBaby and Camilla Cabello new song tomorrow! Thumbs up so others can tune in and listen!

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