God Musa

[Written By: God Musa]

God Musa, a young legend raised in East Atlanta is a writer, producer, videographer, boss, engineer, President Of Empire Media Kings LLC. & Owner Of After Moolah.

His genre is no genre. He is also a very versatile artist who has worked with producers such as Fresherati & M.I.D. Musa’s childhood was spent mostly within Candler Road and Zone 6 of Atlanta, GA. Musa started his career in the field of music when he started writing around 13. He has written as a artist, script writer, editor and ghostwriter.
He is mentioned being a charismatic talented hard worker who believes in doing exactly what he wants to do.. .


Musa also embraces and loves his melanin as a black man, and knows the odds or against him but still accepts the challenge pursuing what he loves to do which is a career in music.
He also said he enjoys studying and being proactive everyday. Musa height is 5 feet 10 inches tall and his weight is not mentioned though it can be assumed he is able to manage with his weight. He signed himself to his own label “After Moolah” in 2016.
He is also planning to invest in farm land, real estate, ranches, and poor urban areas with youth centers and other activities too keep them off the street.