DL Hughley on His Terry Crews Statements: “I Don’t Apologize” (Part 1)

On this clip, DL Hughley speaks on his earlier VladTV interview going viral as a result of his statements on Terry Crews, have been he laughed and made humor out of the actor getting fondled by his Hollywood agent. He says that he stands by his earlier viewpoints and the fitting to his personal opinion, whereas reaffirming that he would by no means let someone violate him in the best way Crews was allegedly abused. From there, he speaks to how he views the #MeToo motion as considerably disingenuous, questioning why they care a lot when a black man will get fondled however under no circumstances when he will get shot. With that stated, Hughley makes it clear that he apologizes to no one, although he is open to extra dialog even when he does not need to agree.

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