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9 thoughts on “Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Says She Hasn’t ‘Intentionally’ Visited Underperforming Schools

  1. This here ladies and gentlemen is a true case of white privilege!!! How else did she get the job she knows and cares NOTHING about!!!

  2. all i have seen so far is people like her lyin through her teeth and playing serious shit of with smiles. her ben carson and whole lot a gang of these fuckers. all they want to do is dress the part, smile of or laugh over issues that need to be addressed. seriously these guys resemble to movie villains. yes they may dress in designer suits looking dapper because they have no content to produce so all they do is beat around the bush and laugh shit off. never acknowledging the problem, or addressing the issue. FML yet these same people look down on democracy from third world countries

  3. Billionaires do whatever they want they don’t need credentials or experience nor do they give one fck about anything but their dollars, next caaaaaase!!!

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