Vlad Tells Godfrey He Doesn’t Rate ‘Black Panther’ a Top 5 Marvel Movie (Part 3)

Watch Half 2: https://goo.gl/dzVhfX
Half 1: https://goo.gl/qn8VD

On this clip, Godfrey and DJ Vlad have an in-depth dialogue in regards to the blockbuster hit ‘Black Panther’. The two reviewed and ranked the film amongst its Marvel Studios counterparts and agreed that there have been larger films common nevertheless that it was nonetheless inside the prime ten.
Godfrey went on to elucidate why he felt the film was so crucial outside of it merely being a movie. He stated that Black Panther outlined the dichotomy between Africans and African Individuals and was crammed with symbolism that is associated to Black life all through the diaspora.

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