Flashback: Kevin Gates on Snitches & Losing Friends to Street Life

On this Flashback from 2014, Kevin Gates talked about refusing to rat on anyone and the best way he was taught to wrestle for his determine, even when it met stopping to his demise.

With the conflicts in Black group referring to the “no snitching” rule, Gates broke down the morals between males, saying they’ve on a regular basis been the similar, and positive, some did cooperate with police.

“They was ratting once more then too. They was ratting as soon as I used to be little. I was just too youthful to know,” he outlined. “Nevertheless, I was fortunate adequate to give you some people who was silent. They imputed information and knowledge in me and taught me one issue: ‘You an individual of morals and guidelines; within the occasion you would be a rat, you could as correctly let a n***a f**okay you.'”

Watch the clip above.

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