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12 thoughts on “Kevin Gates Is a Free Man

  1. Kevin Gates next interview: “Ima be honest witchu big brudda …they had me caged for 9 months, but my mind? see, my mind? could never be shackled. i was suppose to do 30 months big brudda, but see i moved with respect & morals, they seeeennnnnn that. they seeennnn that in me. now im free ya heard me. yeh.”

  2. Just a question cause I know the answer already but I’ll ask anyway. Why didn’t Kevin gates get donkey of the day for getting locked up in the 1st place? Perspectives.

  3. I like Kevin Gates but at least he finally admitted he pretty much jacked Max B’s whole style. pretty much rid his whole wave in tons of songs….. Just Like Wiz. but least Wiz has ALWAYS admitted Max B was his fav rapper and main influence and pretty much copied him big time in a lot of tracks

    • Adam K Gates have too… this how I know you not a true fan… Gates always have said he loved down south beats and was influenced by east coast lyricism. (Big L, Max B, Jay Z, ETC…)

    • read what I said you fucking retard…. fully….. he didnt start saying Max B until couple years ago at the start he didnt. then he stopped bringing him up again for awhile

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