Biggs on Jay-Z Squashing Beef with Jaz-O After Taking Shots at Him (Part 4)

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On this clip, Kareem “Biggs” Burke talked about the significance of JAY-Z and Jaz O reconnecting. He moreover outlined that whatever the fairly a number of jabs Hov took at Jaz O by way of the years, there was no precise beef between the two.

Biggs went on to talk in regards to the critically acclaimed film Paid in Full, and the best way he knew it was a primary from leap. He spoke about how the film is a response of varieties to the West Coast tales current in Boyz inside the Hood and Menace II Society. To Biggs, Paid in Full knowledgeable the story of Harlem within the equivalent technique the aforementioned films gave viewers a glimpse into life in South Central Los Angeles.

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